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Friend Functions

Non-member function which is declared as a friend of particular class can have access to private data members of that class, in which it is declared as friend.

To make outside function (non-member) function friend of particular class we have to use ‘friend’ ‘keyword.

Simply, use the ‘friend’ keyword before function prototype. Consider below example,

#include <iostream>
using namespace std; 

class Box
	int width; //private
	void setData(int w)
	void getData()
		cout<<"width:" <<width;
	friend void display(Box );

void display(Box obj)       //non member function
	cout<< "Width from display function:"<< obj.width<<endl;


int main()

	Box mybox;
	cout<<"Box Program"<<endl;

	mybox.setData(20); //erro

	return 0; 


Box Program
width:20Width from display function:20


Explain friend member function with example.

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