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What are the core difference between Angular and React in terms of DOM?
But there’s one big difference between Angular and React: React.js uses virtual DOM (Document Object Model – allows accessing and changing document contents, layout, and even structure). While Angular 2 operates on real DOM.

Imagine you want to update user profile details, let’s say, their last name. Real DOM, instead of changing just that bit of info, updates the entire tree structure of HTML tables until it reaches the needed data. In our case, it’s the last name.

While virtual DOM allows us to update the changes without rewriting the entire HTML doc virtually. This renders updates much faster and ensures fast performance – no matter of the apps’ size.

Data Binding
A large difference between React and Angular is one-way vs. two-way binding. Angular uses two-way binding. For example, if you change the UI element (a user input) in Angular, then the corresponding model state changes as well. Additionally, if you change the model state, then the UI element changes – hence, two-way data binding.

However, React only has one-way binding. First, the model state is updated, and then it renders the change in the UI element. However, if you change the UI element, the model state DOES NOT change. You must figure that out for yourself. Some common ways are through callbacks or state management libraries (see State Management in the previous section).

Credit to https://programmingwithmosh.com/react/react-vs-angular/

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