Many people think management is a boring job. To some extent, this is right as well. Project managers are normally busy in the serious meeting and the glassy room with serious mood most of the time. Whenever I visit Design studio I watch people are watching videos, dance and creating something unique and creative. Completely reverse to this project managers are always busy in solving problems either of customer or employee or technology.

Humar at work is absolutely necessary. A sense of humor is an art of leadership. People love to work in a company where they have fun, relationship, and trust. People love to work with the Project manager with a good sense of humor. Laughter is necessary at work and hence I thought to share some funny thing about project management here. If it brings laughter to your face, kudos I am done. And please share it as well so some of your friends can also laugh.

Great Project

One day I have been called and assigned a great project for which we don’t had expertize, budget and tight deadline.


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Funny facts about Project Management

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