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Project Management is practice like lawyer or doctors do where they learn and unlearn every day from every project and typically from every interaction.
Here are few tips to improve yourself as the project manager. Learning never ends.

    1. Clear yourself about process you are following along with the Best Practices available in the market.
      To be truly effective, You should be clear about the process you are following and best practices available in the market namely PMP, CSM or say Prince2. This will help you using the right terminology while you are communicating to your stakeholders. Gives confidence to your team and all your people.
      Be Open, Honest and Transparent
      Always be open, honest and transparent when you deal with with people involved with project. People might be your team member, your customer, your client or your boss. Please be there when they need you. Open to take suggestion and implement if you think it really works. Be honest to yourself and your people.
      Facilitate collaboration between the teams
      Now a days people don’t need someone who manage them but they always looking for the one who can help them to achieve more. Be facilitator. Help team achive more by fostering right thinking and creating positive environment where collaboration happens naturally. This will help you resolve conflicts, address issues and making everyone more productive.
      Emotion plays bigger role don’t ignore it.
      Having personal connect is very much important for you as project manager. You should try to understand their motive, how they think, and how they interact. Everyone is different and requires different approach and care. Make them feel important, comfortable. This will definitely help them to go extra mile when needed.
      Engage your stakeholders effectively
      Fact of the life is you can’t manage all your stakeholders but you can always engage them strategically get what you need from them. Try formal and informal approach. Go for coffee with them or sent formal emails whichever works best for them.
  • You can always ask for 360 degree feedback to check if you are doing this right and where you can improve.

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    5 Tips to become better project manager

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