Project Manager should set a KRA for their team normally at the start of the project for each of the team member. Normally, companies with small scale project do this for each project the team member worked in each quarter. Setting up KRA is very important for team member as it affect their increment as well as their short term and and long term career.

I have worked on many project of the different size and different tenure. Mostly I worked with the IT projects where my team members are software engineers, QA, Testers, UI/UX designers, technical architects, tech leads and business analysts. I normally set the KRA for each team member at beginning of each quarter or at the start of the project. I set the expectation with each member in this format and do one on one meeting with them to give them clear understanding regarding my expectation from him or her. I share with them an excel sheet listing all full set of expectations listing in it.
As a appraisal process each team member provide self ratting and put their comment against the particular KRA (line item). Project Manager also put their own rating and comment on the same excel sheet. Once both of them has finished rating one on one meeting will be scheduled they share their own reason and discuss about the ratting given and can ask for clarification and facts to justify rating given. At the end of the quarter we do appraisal meeting for the same.

Project Manager should identify and set the proper expectation with each team member. Project Manager should also help team member to achieve highest rating by giving him more information and example.

Setting up a KRA is the art and science. Setting right KRA help keep team member focus.

Typically in my recent projects I have set up KRA for my team as below.

Software Engineer

  • Technical leadership on Xamarin – Anroid , Make sure work delegated to other team member are done with hightest qulaity and helping them whenver they stuck. If required to conduct sessions for Juniors/Interns/Trainees and training to team member on demand. Should know each and every details of API, Maintains List of Challenges and getting it reviewed from Architects. Do R&D as per project demand.
  • Maintained and actively contribute to RAID log. Whenever there is dependencies getting it resolved with PM or architects. Making team aware about assumption we put and should proactively inform team about know issues. Your contribution to make project success. Clearing dependencies of other team member on you on time.
  • Team work and Helping team members to deliver on time with best quality, how you communicated with team, how you help to reduce communication gap, how you help in end to end testing feature.
  • Ownership of the deliverable Android Build
  • Mandatory to attend stand-up meetings, updating assembla and Filling time-sheet in Parabola and active on retrospective and sprint planning meeting, Maintaining assembla tickets, Putting time entry in assembla, clocking and creating tickets
  • End to end functionality (bug fixing, and integration) Understand project requirements thoroughly, both in technical and business terms
  • Peer Code Review and ensuring code comments are incorporated timely Make sure code maturity, Code Review, Standards, Design Principals and Guidelines
  • PDM process


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How to set a KRA for your team in IT Projects
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