Microsoft launched Visual Studio 2017 on Tuesday 7th march 2017. As usual Microsoft has hosted a big events to market new product namely Visual Studio 2017. Visual Studio has in market since 20 years since now and the journey of the any software product of 20 years in today’s dynamic world is very crucial and important. 20 years lifespan itself is achievement in itself.

The event was hosted by Microsoft Vice precedent Julia and many well know speakers deliver interesting talks regarding new features of the Visual Studio. Some of the interesting speakers are Scott Hanselman, Ribia. Microsoft make the event more interesting by sharing customer experience by well-known big companies like Huwai who are using Visual Studio.

Visual studio was build keeping in mind four interesting aspects of the developers life namely, fundamental, cloud, devops and mobile.

Microsoft’s vision for the visual studio is very interesting this time. Visual studio helps any developers, build any application on any platform. The motto of visual studio was cloud first mobile first philosophy. They launched visual studio for Mac machine as well. Native mobile and Mac app using C#.

The docker support in visual studio 2017 is very interesting. Scott hanselman delivered and demonstrate the interesting feature to work with Microservices and docker.

Visual studio’s support for the C# new version 7.0 as well.

Visual studio 2017 supports Xamarin application development.

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Visual Studio 2017 has lauched

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