In this article I would like to share with community couple of resources I believe very useful for the person practicing Agile Scrum.

The good coverage of the Scrum is available in nice simple and easy to understand videos on the youtube. This is scrum course and includes lot of information. This is the must watch videos. The video length is more aprox 2 hours but investing two hours for the right kind of material is worth. I recommend strongly this video.

Youtube Crash course video here

Agile scrum

I have personally using agile for more than three years and used different tools like TFS and JIRA.

The basic concept is derived from Japanes methodology like Just in time inventory and continuous improvements. Agile relies on the team work and really helpful for the product development company.

Release planning and estimate is also very important and challenging part while practicing agile.

As we know agile is a concept which can be implemented using many tools and methodology as described in the following image.

Agile Umbrella

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Resources for Agile Scrum Understanding

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