For any professional like Project Manager, Technical Lead, Architect, developer, engineer or tester has to accomplish a lot of task and activities to make project successful and move forward in its career. As I worked on the various level through out my career life I know at each particular position there are more activities and task to be done than our time allow us. If one fails to perform this critical tasks he has to pay penalties. But accomplish all the assigned (and assumed assigned) task need hell lot of time and requires too much over time efforts. So how to deal with this kind of situation and how to better manage your time effectively ? Here is my suggestion and tips.

We are doing three kind of task each day.

1. System imposed task: Daily scrum meeting,
2. Boss imposed Task : prepare a schedule
3. Sub Ordinate/Co Worker imposed tasks: help others to fix a bug.

Category 1 and 2 task we can not do much about it but we can definitely time we spend on category 3 task. The famous solution for category 3 is Management Time: Who’s Got the Monkey? William Oncken, Jr.Donald L. Wass at

This is very good article and teach us a lot of good technique.

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Time Management Tactics and Monkey on back metaphore

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