From high-level perspective Angular JS life cycle can be divided in to three phase.

1. Boot Strapping-
2. Compilation and
3. Run time data binding

Let’s understand what happens in each phase.

1. Boot Strapping – In this phase Angular JS java script libraries is being downloaded in the browser. Once downloaded initialisation will take place. Here angular modules will be initialised as pointed by ng-app directive on your page. Once the module are loaded all the dependencies for that particular module will be injected.

2. Compilation – In this phase HMTL Page compilation will takes place. Page will be loaded with status html first, than static DOM will be replaced by dynamic DOM as per Angular view. Here static DOM will be traversed and collect data about directives and link them with particular built in library of java script or custom directive code. Directive once combine with code will generate live view.

3. Run Time Data binding – This is last phase and it will exist till page is available in the browser. Any changes in the scope will reflected in the views and vice versa.


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AngularJS Life Cycle

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